Shark increases revenue 28%
while spending 21% less on media

  • The Challenge

    The holiday season is challenging enough for the leading vacuum brands—there is a very short window to clean up the most fourth-quarter sales. But Shark faced an even bigger hurdle—Dyson was outspending Shark on the media front four to one.

  • The Solution

    i.Predictus was able to quickly analyze every single Shark media placement to understand exactly how each media opportunity was performing. Then, armed with this insight, Shark’s media planners were able to optimize spending by strategically reworking the placements in plenty of time to impact the crucial holiday season.

  • The Outcome

    Due to our precise optimization planning, Shark not only swept up 28% more revenue over the period it did so while actually spending 21% less, proving that it’s not how much money you spend at the holidays that counts, but how wisely you spend it.