B.E.S.T. Leads to Immediate Impact for Multi-category Marketer

  • The Challenge

    A major manufacturer and online retailer across multiple categories was looking to increase scale on its wide range of products. But simply increasing their media spend across the board would have been too big an investment, and seasonal demand required that decisions be made promptly.

  • The Solution

    The company instituted the i.Predictus B.E.S.T. platform to automate media performance data and gain instant insight to sales results for the utmost impact. The B.E.S.T. platform provided media decision recommendations at the airing and rotation level with highly accurate predictions ready for immediate implementation.

  • The Outcome

    Utilizing B.E.S.T. showed the marketer a clear path to where they could increase media, and where there was revenue leakage in slow or poor decisions. The marketers was able to increase their media spend 28% while driving a 17% improvement in ROI. What was one of the most critical aspects of this growth was the ability to implement changes in media the very next day thanks to IP’s data automation. This assured the greatest possible control over media impact during the marketers most crucial time of year.