Understand your business levers; what drives and what detracts, including competitive activity. Know exactly how to allocate and prioritize marketing dollars and respond to market pressures. Predict future outcomes and run what-if scenarios. Eliminate revenue leakage.

  • Introducing Jules - A Media Mix Model

    Drive future revenue growth and spend optimization with the most advanced form of marketing analytics.  Media Mix Modeling predicts future sales and guides media investment decisions by predicting which channels and tactics will work better than others. Click here to watch the video

  • Web and Sales Attribution

    Now you can know exactly how each media placement performs right down to the individual sale. No other tool comes close to our level of proven reliability across multiple channels, from web attribution to phone sourcing, across your entire retail media mix.

  • A/B Testing Models

    Our A/B testing method is a proven, scientific method for determining the most effective and efficient online promotional and marketing strategies for your business to minimize risk and maximize return.

  • Hypothesis Validation

    A good hypothesis is one thing, but proof of concept is even better. Our best-in-class machine learning methodology will validate any or all of your hypotheses, assuring that your actual media dollars are being spent in the most efficient way.