What can i.Predictus do for me?

i.Predictus is an advertising analytics and optimization platform built to solve a modern day problem that virtually every marketer and agency faces: collecting, consolidating, cleansing, and taking action on marketing data in real time.

i.Predictus is the industry’s only advertising platform with a patented algorithm that forecasts future performance and serves up prescriptive media buying recommendations. i.Predictus offers the fastest data ingestion and visualization in the industry.

How do you obtain the data?

Data feeds can be accepted from any and all owned data sources, third party and email included, and are processed at customized intervals in real-time. i.Predictus starts with a four-stage extract-transform-load (ETL) process to cleanse, consolidate, validate and organize data. All ingested data is time-adjusted and indexed to create 1-to-1 relationships between sources and across performance metrics.

How secure is my data with i.Predictus?

i.Predictus assures client data is safe, secure and never shipped overseas.  An alarming number of competitors promise automation but use overseas resources to create dashboards, exposing data and causing delays.

What if I already have a media agency?

i.Predictus is designed to foster communication; it changes the paradigm of how media agencies and clients work together, enabling both to have more strategic conversations at every level of the organization. In short, i.Predictus does not replace your agency, it simply empowers it to give you the best and most accurate data and insights. And it accomplishes this in a fraction of the time it takes to perform manual churn and analysis.

How is i.Predictus different from a media buying system?

i.Predictus is an advertising analytics and optimization tool. Clients do not buy their media within the i.Predictus system, but they do plan and optimize their TV media buys with the platform. 100% of i.Predictus clients are actively buying TV media and using i.Predictus to assist that process.

Who on my team will use this solution?

i.Predictus will aid in the efficiency and outcomes of three core departments:

  • Media Teams (planners, buyers, AEs) will gain greater control over buy/sell decisions and will be enabled to make better, more informed decisions in a fraction of the time it takes with manual churn and traditional tools.
  • Finance Teams will gain insight to budgets and budget variance in real-time, and will be empowered to identify media that is not performing and remove it from future schedules.
  • Marketers will be able to fully understand which marketing tactics drive response and to accurately attribute that response down to the offer and product/SKU level.

How long is the on-boarding process?

Media data onboarding for our B.E.S.T. optimization engine typically takes less than two weeks. Custom data visualization set up and Attribution algorithm creation can range from as little as one day to three weeks, depending on data sources and complexity.

In addition to the data ingestion and integration, i.Predictus will initiate a series of ongoing training and feedback sessions for your employees.