Data cleansing and automation provide actionable visualizations for best-in-class spend optimization. i.Predictus has ingested more media than any other analytics solution set, providing recommendations at the placement level.

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  • Digital Marketing Analytics

    i.Predictus is the only tool you need to optimize all of your digital marketing and ad campaigns. From the ingestion and cleansing of data from all digital sources to the accurate management and tracking of results, i.Predictus offers everything you need for continual campaign understanding and improvement.

  • Traditional Marketing Analytics

    TV, direct mail, radio, print ads, and other offline placements can still make up a very large percentage of your marketing budget, and require the same understanding as digital media. i.Predictus is the industry leader in traditional media, with a record proven through over $1 Billion of media buys—more than any of our competitors.

  • Voice of Consumer Analytics

    Uncover deep data insights to maximize your customers' experience and gain an understanding into why they consume both the media and products they choose. i.Predictus’ unique Voice of Consumer Analytics digs deeper into consumer understanding than traditional tools, so you can make better decisions on where, when and how to speak to consumers.

  • Consumer Data Analytics

    Our Consumer Data Analytics create a single, accurate view of the consumer to understand buying patterns, how best to acquire and retain customers, and identify your highest-value customers and prospects. Basket Analysis, Lifetime Value, Customer Migration, and Attrition are just some of the views you get to guide you toward positive outcomes.

  • Omnichannel Campaign Analytics

    Today’s marketers rely on a complex mix of media requiring the need for a 360-degree view of a campaign's performance. i.Predictus shows the value of all your marketing dollars, both by individual channels as well as the overall mix and impact on the business. Only i.Predictus can give you a complete and accurate view across all online and offline channels.

  • B.E.S.T. Media Optimization

    The unique B.E.S.T. console—for Buy, Evaluate, Sell, and Test—clearly shows how each media placement can be expected to perform versus your stated business goals, and delivers a reliable recommendation on which ones to buy, sell or consider for further evaluation. No other media solution offers the same level of accuracy and predictability.