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May 10, 2017

Predict your Marketing Plan Results with 93% Accuracy

By: Tom Miller, VP, Marketing – i.Predictus

As marketers, one of the things that keeps us up at night is wondering if our marketing plan will work.

i.Predictus, a Marketsmith Inc. company, and leader in automated marketing analytics is excited to introduce JULES, the latest revolutionary advancement that takes predictive marketing analytics to the next level, accurately predicting the impact media and marketing activities will have on sales with 93% accuracy.

With JULES, marketers can adjust their spend on each tactic to see if changes result in greater or lesser sales. This applies to every single tactic along the consumer’s path to purchase–from broadcast advertising right through to in-store promotion and display.

In the video below, our Executive VP of i.Predictus, Carina Pologruto, walks through a demonstration of JULES, showing how it can maximize the success of your next marketing plan.

“Think of all the things you would like to be able to predict with 93% accuracy.”

Now you can.

Visit http://ipredictus.com/jules-video/ to learn more.