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April 20, 2017

Talking Tech: Protecting Your Passwords

By: Cody Johnson, Marketsmith/i.Predictus Director of Infrastructure

Let’s talk tech for a minute. Passwords are one of those daily security measures that can be both frustrating and distracting to normal workflow. We have become a culture whose entire public and private lives are protected by 8-10 characters entered on many different devices. From bio-metric face scans, fingerprint readers and voice recognition, all the technology in our lives is working hard to keep us more safe and secure than ever.

At Marketsmith and i.Predictus, we find it important to keep our community educated on the outside threats and real-world efforts that are being made to gather, hack, and sniff our technological gold: those passwords. Through education of modern social engineering, brute-force and dictionary password attacks we can better assist ourselves and help our clients prepare themselves against those types of attacks.

You’ve all seen the “strong password” indicator when you’ve registered for a new site.  What makes a strong password?  Here are a few tips:

1.) Use a combination of capital letters, with punctuation and characters

2.) Utilize characters such as @, $, # and & in the place of letters – this will keep the dictionary hackers at bay

3.) Don’t include personal references in your password, i.e. your birthday, pet, etc.

We recommend frequent changes of passwords, creating different passwords for every account and suggest multiple ways to effortlessly keep track of these usually hard to remember complex passwords. It is these protections, coupled with continuing education from the IT community that helps the Marketsmith/i.Predictus community stay safer not only at work, but at home in their personal lives.