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December 2, 2013

I.Predictus Media Response Case Study Reveals Industry Phenomenon

The goal of I.Predictus is to solve the deeply-rooted challenge of media accountability. We believe that marketers, agencies, and brands can buy smarter through a collaborated understanding of media outcomes.

The Challenge

  • One of the largest players in the long form space recognized the need to gain a comprehensive view of media response and consumer behavior in order to meet ROI objectives.
  • I.Predictus was called upon to optimize the client’s media buy through its disruptive technology – the I.Predictus B.E.S.T. engine.

The Solution

  • To optimize the client’s media buy, I.Predictus funneled all media data into the B.E.S.T. (Buy. Evaluate. Sell. Test.) predictive media buying tool.
  • In only 30 days, I.Predictus aggregated, standardized, and validated the client’s media data into a highly secure data repository. What was uncovered is truly an industry phenomenon.

The Results

  • Our B.E.S.T analytical engine reduces manual churn by 88% and minimizes headcount by 75% required to source, translate and analyze unstructured data.
  • In less than 7 minutes we were able to compile a detailed analysis, using excel as an output foundation, of the client’s 16-week historical and future media spend – a process that traditionally takes 7 business days!

Wasted Media:

  • 68% of the client’s past 16-week media buy was comprised of underperforming media, with nearly 10% delivering zero-order airings.
  • This 68% equates to more than $2 million in wasted media dollars.

Missed Opportunities:

  • 17% of the client’s successful media ran only once, and was never rebooked again.
  • 10% of media that had been run 3x, 4x, or 5x successfully, had not been rescheduled.

Buying Blind

  • 72% of the client’s future media schedule was comprised of test media that had never run in the 365 days prior.